Burmese youth and progaming knowledge and future

Currently, the use of social media in all parts of the world has increased significantly compared to previous years. It is worth considering in relation to what kind of technology these social media that can connect the world are made of? Built with computer programming. Everyone who uses social media doesn’t know what programming is, but as long as they use social media, aren’t they exposed to programming. In the past, it was considered to be good at using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, but in this age of advanced technology, it is no longer possible to say that you understand computers without knowing any software, hardware, or network. There are many things related to IT technology around me, and young people are becoming more interested in programming.

Nowadays, there are many opportunities to learn a science. Programming is the same. Do you want to finish the tenth grade and take a computer major and learn from the basics? Do you want to learn Programming Language at private Computer Training Centers like Gusto International College, KMD, MCC, Assembler Computer Center, ATG after graduating with another major. You can study and work in the way you like. Currently, many foreign companies have entered Myanmar, including many Japanese System Development Companies.

If you want to work at Myanmar DCR, a well-known Japanese System Development Company established in Myanmar since 2008, you only need to have a bachelor’s degree and no work experience. There are companies that only need a little interest in programming and teach them from the basics and let them enter the workplace. It is a good opportunity for young people to work in foreign companies in Myanmar. For young people who want to go to Japan and gain experience abroad and work, there are many Japanese system developing companies that send them to Japan to work as a professional career in programming and earn a living. Most of these companies require programming experience.

As a programmer, I gained business experience as an employee in a company, and later gathered friends with the same hobby and started my own software house. The subject of programming cannot be studied. Day by day, new technologies appear and programming languages ​​are also increasing. What do you want to study based on? Windows part? Web part? Mobile? What is programming language to learn? Java, C++, PHP, Ruby, SAP, etc. There are too many things to study. But if you enter the workplace after learning everything, you will definitely be left behind. I would like to advise you to first learn programming from the basics. Then enter the workplace and continue learning while working.

Don’t stop learning. I have become accustomed to a programming language, I understand well, Once you are able to work, continue to learn other new programming languages ​​through websites and training schools. Any science can only be progressed with interest. This includes programming. If you are interested in programming, you will want to continue learning. Therefore, I wish every young person to have the same career path with their passion.