Is gaming a hobby or an addiction

A certain Daw Than Than is working hard to finish the household chores she has to do as quickly as possible. At this time, the most important thing for Daw Than Than is to finish the housework quickly. After the housework is done, another important thing for her to do is waiting for Daw Than Than. That’s what gaming is all about. As soon as the housework was finished, Daw Than Than picked up the phone, He sat down in a comfortable place and started playing the game he usually plays (Candy Crush) in earnest. “When I’m alone at home after doing housework, I play games to relax because I’m bored,” said 50-year-old Daw Than Than.

Like Daw Than Than, men and women who play games in Myanmar. middle man youth Children make up about 70 percent of the country’s population. Some people play the game for fun, while others play it as a hobby. The percentage of game play was higher in 2017, and in addition to adult games such as Candy Crush, mobile legend, PUBG, dota and other popular youth games also became popular. As the use of smartphones has increased, internet usage has also increased, and the number of game players has also increased. With such an increase, bus stops, tea shop At bus stops, you will see young people playing games on their phones, as well as people like Daw Than Than who are more motivated to play games than doing housework. “If I play the game, I become addicted, lose sleep, and lose weight. That’s why I don’t play games like this. I don’t give time for games,” said Ko Lwin Myo, a third-year English major at Eastern University.

Psychologists say that playing games is like smoking, It is an addiction like alcohol addiction, smoking, It is difficult to quit drinking and it becomes difficult to quit playing games, he said. Playing games that can improve memory and relax is a good way to play games, but you should only play games for at least one hour a day, said U Nyan Win Kyaw, a consultant mental health doctor. “If you play violent games, there will be psychological damage over time,” said Professor U Nyan Win Kyaw. In this day and age, parents themselves are allowing their children to play games, so instead of forcing children to play games, forcing them to play natural games makes for healthier and more active children, he said.

People who like to play games say that playing games reduces fatigue and work pressure. Also, playing games is a type of entertainment for them, reading books, watching movies, He said that it is an entertainment like listening to music. “Everyone’s way of relaxing is different. Just like some people relax by drinking, we relax by playing games,” said Ko Thiha, a teenager who is attending the final year of a geography major at Yangon Eastern University and often competes in game competitions. In Myanmar, since 2017, some telecommunication operators and some mobile phone companies have cooperated and held official game competitions.

The organizers of the game said that holding such game competitions will give young gamers the opportunity to compete in international competitions, and through these game competitions, young people can earn income and stand as a profession. Along with the rise of mobile usage in Myanmar, people are playing games as entertainment. In addition, income through game applications has increased and there are job opportunities for the new generation of game developers. That’s why gaming is a part of the technology sector, says Mr Jes Kaliebe Petersen, CEO of Create.

In the SEA Games to be held in the Philippines at the end of November this year, E-sport will be among the 33 games that Myanmar will compete in. Among the E-sport games, they are preparing to compete with games such as Dota 2, Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor. “There is a difference in philosophy between those who play games and those who don’t. If you play too much, it’s not good. Even if you don’t play games, every young person should know about games,” said 25-year-old Kothaw Oo, who works as a warranty officer at Mitel.

But on the other hand, it is widely accepted that playing games makes youths and children physically and mentally violent. Psychiatrists say that this is a symptom that only happens to people who play the game too much, and that it is only related to the intuition, not the violent damage caused by the game. On the other hand, playing games helps you develop the ability to use your brain to calculate the best response to a situation, and because you have to play with a group, you get used to the balance of cooperation.

In addition, time respect, Mutual respect and good deeds can also be achieved. “Some people are addicted to reading and watching movies. The game is an interactive style of entertainment that involves people in person. When you play the game, you use your brain, so you are smarter than others,” said Ko Kyitha, a founder of Gaming Noodle E-sport Media. Ko Kyitha said that the current of new technology cannot be stopped, so by having an open mind and approach, we will be able to consult and decide what is best for mankind according to the times, and we need a lot of people who can make such decisions.