How useful is the Wish Smart Health watch and how does it help

Wish Smart Health Watch, a health support service, will include a health care system (Telemedicine) that can be treated directly with a doctor online. The health support watch is already connected to the local my Doctor group, and it also includes six months of telemedicine, where customers who buy the watch can get direct treatment with a doctor online. The watch is said to be a health support watch that not only provides initial health checks, but also indicates changing health processes during daily exercise.

“When you are worried about going out due to your current health condition, this watch is the most suitable time to use. Including the AI ​​system, this includes accurate measurements of health needed for daily health. You can watch live in real time,” said Linawati, general manager of WADDY IMMERSIVE. Sports Health Watch Body temperature measurement system if wearing a watch pulse rate Oxygen, blood sugar, fat heart rate Linawati says it’s a watch that calculates and directly indicates initial health checks such as stress.

In addition, according to the health measurements on the wearer’s body, health guidelines and notifications will also be included. These health guidelines and warnings are based on health research surveys and will be presented in seven languages, including Burmese, Linawati said.

“We will be able to view the health information of the person wearing this watch in real time. Based on that information, we will be able to provide the necessary health care accurately with the Telemedicine system,” said Dr. Zaw Chet Aung, my Doctor\Business Development Manager.

It is said that the telemedicine system can consult with family doctors and treat their health changes sent by Smart Health Watch, and the telemedicine system can treat more than 40% of non-infectious diseases. The Smart Health Watch was imported from Indonesia and will be launched in Myanmar on February 14.