Samsung washing machine with Wobble technology that will support the softness of the clothes

Samsung washing machine

If you buy a washing machine, what are the main factors? The clothes to be washed must be clean and shiny. easy to use, The size should be appropriate, must have a drying system, The design must be better than the others, factors that every buyer should consider. But if you choose a washing machine that will be more than that, it will not be difficult. Samsung’s Top Loader Washing Machine (7.5 Kg) washing machine is now available for purchase in the domestic market.

What are the advantages of Samsung’s Top Loader Washing Machine (7.5 Kg) washing machine?

The washing machine is equipped with Wobble technology. This technique will prevent the tangles of delicate yarns. The unique structure of the Wobble pulsators will circulate the power well and will be able to remove the edge without damaging the clothes. The Air Turbo drying system of the Samsung washing machine will dry the clothes in a short time. squeeze out the water It will spin the washing machine faster and dry the clothes faster due to air absorption. So clothes, No more time to dry blankets.

Samsung’s Top Loader Washing Machine (7.5 Kg) also includes Eco Drum Clean technology, which will keep the top load washer clean without using chemicals. If it is necessary to clean, the machine will automatically signal. You don’t have to worry about the device not being easy to hold because it has a lot of technology. It is made as a modern design that lasts longer and looks beautiful. The natural outline design will match the slanted, dual cluster control. Especially the ice blue LED display shows accurate information and the durable glass door makes it easy to see what’s inside.

Information that will be easy to understand about the cleaning programs I have chosen. Easy to use as it provides accurate information. It has a slanted, dual cluster control panel, and the design with buttons on both sides is a testament to the superiority of more than one washing machine.

Samsung’s Top Loader Washing Machine (7.5 Kg) washing machine with smooth edges, The delicate outlines are the most suitable design for the current era. All the edges are clean and there are no sharp edges, so you can’t lose your hand when adjusting clothes. The hard glass door must penetrate inside. Made to withstand pressure, it won’t get scratched and will look like new even after a Fri time. The Magic Filter collects the particles in the clothes so that they don’t clog the drain. Thanks to the Water Fall technology, you will get a powerful water spray system and spread the soap powder evenly. The clothes will be washed carefully.

Depending on the function and design included in the washing machine, the price will be different. Samsung’s Top Loader Washing Machine (7.5 Kg) mentioned now will cost only 249,000 kyats. In addition, Samsung’s Top Loader Washing Machine can be selected from 7.5 Kg to 15 Kg. The price starts from 249,000 Kyats and goes up to 700,000 Kyats.