VR is popular among young people in Yangon

In a dark, old mansion, with six friends, I was trying to walk around trying to overcome my fear. One of our friends dies unexpectedly and has turned into a ghost, so we scream and warn each other to avoid the ghost that will suddenly appear face to face. One of the group of young people, who were scared until their fingers were cold and tears started to fall, pulled off his glasses and said he didn’t want to continue playing because it was so scary. Yes. In the VR-Virtual Reality (VR-Virtual Reality) game shop created with visualization technology, you will see people excitedly playing with the devices used to play the game.

The VRZone game, which started in Korea, is a popular and successful game in Hong Kong and the United States, and a game center was opened in Myanmar last February. “VR game is a successful game internationally. Young people who want a new experience are more interested and come to play,” said Mr Quentin Tsui, Private Equity Associate of MARGA Group, which opened a VR game center in Myanmar.

The shooting game VR Shooting two rooms and the haunted house game The Evil: Haunted Table are set, and among the game zones Rider? Horror. Includes 22 types of games such as Trip and Kids. Of these, VR Rider, which can be played by children, is said to be more interested. The games can be played individually or in groups, and more games will be added. Later, like other game contests, they will hold contests for those who play VRZone games. The VR Shooter game zone consists of three types of games, and two players shoot at 180 degrees with cannons at the same time. It makes players feel like they are actually shooting outside. It is an advanced type of game that indicates a level of play that will allow you to advance to the next level.

If you’re going to ride a VR Rider, you can choose the type you like, and most people prefer something that makes them feel exciting and thrilling. If you feel uncomfortable while playing, you can raise your hand and ask for help from the staff who are waiting for you nearby. The latest game, The Evil: Haunted Table, is a 360-degree illusion game where you have to help each other escape from evil. You can play with a minimum of three to a maximum of six. “I came to play because others told me, the part made is advanced. I have to say it’s cool. But I can’t always come and play because it’s expensive,” said Ko Min Oo, who came to play the game.

The games in the VRZone are high-tech, Designs are used and 1080 AMOLED, 2160 x 1200 pixels resolution level headsets are installed, so you will feel like you are actually outside. One game at least 4990 Kyats; 5990 Kyats 690 Kyats, the price varies depending on the game. Those who come to play at the VRZone game center must follow the rules. The eight things to avoid are children under the age of 12 who need to play with their parents (or an adult) and pregnant women. People with heart disease diabetes high blood pressure neck back problem It is stated that the visually impaired and the sick are not allowed to play. The game must be played after signing and confirming the terms and conditions, which include additional terms.

The VR Zone game center is open daily from 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM at The Central Boulevard on Jem Aye Pagoda Road, but on weekends On weekends, it is open from 11 am to 11 pm. There are almost 20 people who come to play every day, and 50 people who play during office holidays. There are 60. “It’s the first time I’ve played this game, it’s not like other games, and it’s good to be excited,” said Ko Min Pong, who came to play The Evil: Haunted Table game. Even though the game center has just opened, some young people and children have been waiting excitedly around the front of the store since before the opening time.