Honda and Sony have joined forces to jointly produce and sell electric cars

Honda and Sony announced yesterday (June 16) that they have reached an agreement to establish a new company to sell electric cars. Honda and Sony have signed an agreement for a new EV joint venture brand. According to related news, they expect to start selling electric cars in 2025.

Honda will provide production facilities, while Sony will provide technical expertise. The new company will focus on electric vehicle sales and mobility services. What kind of name can the new electric car brand that will emerge due to the cooperation of a car manufacturer like Honda and a technology company like Sony be?

It must be said that this is an interesting topic among observers. Currently, Honda and Sony are still negotiating the details of the collaboration, but it is claimed that a new company will emerge in the near future (in 2022).

According to speculations, the name of the new company is likely to be Sonda or Hony mashups. I will mainly handle the development programs and sales aspects. Last year, Honda committed to sell only battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cells by 2040, which is believed to be possible over the next two decades due to the increase in electric vehicles and reductions in the use of fossil fuels.