How dangerous are the towers in Myanmar to people

U Myo Swe, director general of the Department of Communications, said that the amount of electromagnetic field affecting the public due to the mobile communication towers erected in public places does not exceed the danger level. The electromagnetic field measurement was conducted from June to December last year in Nay Pyi Taw, Yangon, Mandalay Worked in 10 public places and a total of 51 towers of mobile communication operators in Irrawaddy Region and Chin State. “In the current war, there is no such thing as dangerous to people. It is quite difficult to reach the dangerous level. The main thing is that being too close to people with big power engines can be dangerous. If it is done within the specified framework, there can be no danger to people,” said U Myo Swe, Director General of the Department of Communications.

According to the test results, the mobile radio equipment EMF effect of the communication towers is below the safety standard of the International Commission on Non Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). On the 10th of this month, the Department of Communications issued a statement regarding the measurement of the electromagnetic field (EMF) emitted by radio devices. According to the EMF measurements, the EMF transmission of radio devices on the towers of mobile communication operators has been instructed to make the necessary technical adjustments to minimize the impact on the public in accordance with international standards. “Some people think that these pillars are dangerous for people,” he said. So dangerous There are requests to check. If there are such requests, we check and measure whether there is any danger,” U Myo Swe said.

He said that this year too, the measurement inspection activities will continue, and it has not yet been determined in which townships it will be carried out. “We have not specified which townships we will work on. There is no specified city. For example, if Sagaing Division requests this inspection, I will go and inspect it. I will attack the nearby cities. So we can’t say exactly where it will be measured,” U Myo Swe said. According to the announcement of the Directorate of Communications, whether the electromagnetic field (Electromagnetic Field EMF) emitted by radio equipment meets international standards.

In order to find out whether there is an EMF measurement plan, NARDA Safety Test Solution, produced by NARDA Safety Test Solution, is conducting EMF measurement and inspection activities, and the results of the measurement findings are reported on the website of the Department of Communications.