What should we prepare for Cashless Society and what should we be aware of

Are you seeing friends these days? shoulder to shoulder with them Do you still shake hands? How many friends do you walk around shoulder-to-shoulder with? At present, these are no longer in accordance with the requirements of Social Distancing, so your lifestyle, friends Have you noticed a change in the way you meet loved ones? In the same way, holding the wallet with money, friends, Have you ever gone shopping with your loved ones? At the restaurant, he would clean it up and I would clean it up. Nowadays, you’ll notice that technology has evolved to make you smarter and more advanced than carrying cash.

Instead of money in your wallet, a card or a phone will make you smarter and more modern. Since around 2014, we have been using the card system as a substitute for cash, but currently, electronic payment methods are better than each other. A more systematic technology competition has become the market. Now there are mobile wallets that allow you to access financial services with just a smartphone instead of a card in your wallet.

What is Cashless Society?

A cashless society is a model that uses a digital payment service to transfer money without the use of cash on hand. mobile wallet payment application; internet banking system POS system; Digital payment methods such as various payment cards reinforce cashless payments and lead to a cashless society. At present, the answer is clear because why the whole world, including Myanmar, is moving towards a cashless society. All humans cannot live in a world without money, but they can live in a world without cash.

Instead of cash trading systems, if we use digital payment, it will save time because it is faster. People are not tired anymore. In everyday life, you are far away from each other, but if you touch your phone, you are in a modern system where everything is convenient. This Cashless Society makes you smart, It makes every operation convenient, easy and fast. It is reliable. These digital payment services are very convenient for you, but there are still things that the user himself should follow to ensure safe use.

So how do we secure the use of digital payment technologies?

When using digital payment services such as mobile wallets and bank cards, it is mandatory to know the basics to prevent fraudsters from stealing your money. Wave Money is one of the businesses that are moving towards a cashless society. Wave Money’s money transfer Withdrawal services and the WavePay mobile wallet app are fueling a cashless society based on digital payments. So you transfer money such as Wave Money, If you are a user of withdrawal services and mobile wallets such as WavePay, please follow the security recommendations when transferring money.

You need to learn how to use withdrawal services and mobile wallets safely and stay safe from fraudsters. These are the things that everyone going to the Cashless Society should be aware of. The security practices are not difficult. Things you should keep secret from yourself, just keep it from others. This too Either you are online, Be careful and protect yourself from scammers asking for your information either by phone.

Cashless Society

So what should be kept secret? Why should it be preserved?

What should be kept secret? Different financial services companies have established what kind of instructions should be followed, and you will need to understand and understand those guidelines. For example, the message with the OTP number sent to the phone, personal information that only one person should know, and the information that must be kept confidential should also be carefully maintained. If you are going to use digital payment services such as mobile wallets, the most important thing is to not let anyone know the OTP number and PIN numbers that will be used to access your mobile wallet account when you first enter your mobile wallet application and when you change devices.

The reason why you should be careful is because fraudsters ask for the PIN number and OTP number of your mobile wallet account in various ways and withdraw money from the account. There are cases where money is taken fraudulently. Therefore, they will need to be careful not to leak their confidential personal information with various fraudulent claims. This includes WavePay It’s also a must-follow for anyone using any other digital payment service. Therefore, when using a mobile wallet such as WavePay, it is necessary to always keep the 6 OTP numbers and 4 PIN numbers secret and not tell others.

If you consider the above points, you will get many benefits. Especially at this time, it is not convenient to go to crowded places like markets. WavePay will definitely be able to solve the problems that banks are not comfortable with. Google Play from your phone, Just go to the App Store and download the WavePay application and live in a Cashless Society forever. You can transfer money from one phone to another, You will be able to withdraw money at representative shops by showing the digits such as the process number on your phone. You can top up your phone bill from your phone, You can pay meter bills and other bills using your phone. You can use your phone to make monthly payments for items purchased in installments. You can shop online, can play games, car ticket Air ticket, event ticket You will be able to purchase movie tickets and other activities without having to carry cash with WavePay. Not only these, but also withdrawing pensions as retired employees.

Donations to organizations will also be possible through WavePay. The advantage of having payment services 24 hours a day is one of the best aspects of Cashless Society. So, all you need to do is to prepare some technical security points so that everyone, young and old, can join together and keep abreast of the world. Together we can change the Cashless Society.