Reasons why your phone heats up when playing games

When we play games/watch videos/use Facebook on our phones, our phones tend to heat up within a few moments. Using other software while downloading content/videos online is a cause of phone heating. For example, using Facebook while downloading large files/videos from a large file site will heat up the phone. That’s why it’s best to do nothing else when you’re downloading something online.

Using the Internet/playing games/calling/watching videos while charging the phone. Doing so is a big reason for the phone to heat up. It also affects the phone’s battery system. It can quickly damage the performance of the phone. So don’t do anything while the phone is charging. The phone cover attached to your phone. In fact, some phone covers can heat up the phone body. So, if the phone body gets warmer than usual while using the phone, check if the phone cover you put on your phone is the kind of cover that heats up the phone.

Sofa when you charge your phone. mattress Placing it in a place that can absorb heat, such as a pillow, is one reason why the phone heats up. That’s why when charging the phone, the hard surface of the wooden stand, Place it in a cool place such as a table and charge it. Charging the phone overnight may make the phone warmer than usual. So don’t sleep with your phone charging overnight.

Some software added to the phone end up using the phone’s power more than usual. For example: Battery App running in the background of the phone. App that speeds up the internet Task Killer Speed ​​Tester Phone Virus App, Apps that make the phone faster are things that use a lot of phone power. Even if you don’t turn them on, because they are running automatically, they can quickly drain the phone and cause the phone to heat up. Therefore, uninstall and disable those software.

placing the phone in direct sunlight; phone charging. Using the phone is one of the reasons why the phone heats up. Doing this can damage the phone when exposed to strong sunlight. Therefore, the body of the phone is made of plastic and metal, so avoid using the phone under hot sunlight. This can cause the phone to heat up more than normal and damage it.

One last thing is the phone charger and phone battery. Some people have a bad phone charger, When the phone battery is bad, we tend to buy cheap and easy to buy phone chargers and phone batteries that are not the original phone. Some people charge their phone with whatever phone charger they find. Doing this can cause the phone to heat up and degrade the performance of the phone. Because some phone chargers have phone chargers that are only made for one type of phone model. If you use a phone charger like that, it may damage the phone.. the phone may heat up.

Therefore, when the phone charger cable is broken, buy and use only the original phone charger cable. When the phone battery dies, buy and use the original one. When charging the phone, don’t plug it in with any charging cable you find.