To increase the quality of work performance

For businesses, time is ‘money’. It’s important to keep operations running smoothly during valuable time. Since the quality of printers used in daily office work also benefits business performance, I would like to introduce Epson’s M series EcoTank printer, which will bring good results to 21st century workplaces. In terms of cost, Epson’s M series EcoTank printers are cheaper than conventional black-and-white printers. A black-and-white laser printer ink cartridge can only produce about 2,000 sheets of paper, but Epson’s M series EcoTank ink cartridge can produce up to 6,000 sheets, which will save you the cost of printing a sheet. The refill InkTank price of Epson’s M series EcoTank printer is twice as cheap as the toner cartridge price of regular laser printers.

While black-and-white laser printers use about 360 watts of power, Epson’s M series printers with Micro Piezo print-head technology use only 12 watts, saving on electricity bills. The print speed is twice as fast as that of ordinary printers and can produce up to 34 sheets per minute. It is also important to be safe in the workplace that you are exposed to every day. Refill ink powders of laser printers are not good for the user’s health in the long run and can be harmful to the environment. Epson’s M series printers can be used without these problems.

printing, It’s also an advantage to be able to do all three types of scanning and copying with a single machine without being too busy. Still want to print smartly by connecting files from your smartphone wirelessly using the iPrint app? With Epson’s M series EcoTank printer, everything is fine. The image quality of the printer can be produced at the highest 1440 dpi, ink does not spread when wet, and the quality lasts longer. Epson’s M series M2140 model printer can read the scan quality with the highest quality of 1200dpi×2400dpi, and the printing capacity can produce about 6000 sheets more than other laser printers of reasonable quality. The warranty for this printer includes a four-year (or 50,000 page) printer warranty. Compatible with Windows OS/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 and Mac OS X 10.5.8 and above.