An awareness event on digital understanding will be held in Myanmar

Ms Tenzin Norbhu, Facebook’s Head of Connectivity and Access Policy (APAC), said that an awareness program on digital literacy will be held so that internet users can use the internet effectively. Digital awareness program “Internet 1O1” (Internet One O One) about Internet; You will be able to ask questions and discuss topics related to how to use the Internet effectively. “We believe that this partnership will benefit the community a lot,” said Vivo Mobile Myanmar Co.,Ltd.\Chief Operating Officer Mr Nelson Ni.

Internet 1O1” is a program aimed at teaching Internet beginners about account password security and the benefits of the Internet through short videos and other educational materials. In the awareness program, people who do not know how to use the Internet will meet and gain knowledge. providing knowledge; Internet users to upgrade the applications in their phones; Learn about the latest online safety and privacy practices; Activities include becoming more familiar with Unicode.

“Advancement in digital literacy will benefit an increasingly connected society,” said Ms Tenzin Norbhu. The awareness program on digital awareness is jointly organized by Facebook and Vivo Myanmar. The program was launched domestically earlier this year, with Myanmar being the first country to introduce it.