Play to earn is getting closer and closer to young people

I don’t know the meaning of the words Crypto currency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFT. Even if they don’t know how it works, it’s not wrong to say that they’ve heard about it and are close to them. They have been operating all over the country for a long time now, but by the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, it can be said that they have become more widespread in Myanmar than before. became widespread, but did not dare to test, Those who do not study for reasons such as not believing, Those who do not use There are still quite a few people who don’t know.

Regarding Crypto, I think you will come across keywords such as Crypto Currency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFT, Blockchain, coin, and wallet. If we have to summarize the necessary topics for this article, Crypto Currency is a type of currency that exists in the form of digital currency. Since it only exists in the digital system, it does not exist in the form of paper money. Banks, which are used to store paper money when they are used. Like wallets. A Cryptocurrency Wallet is essential to use Crypto, which is a Digital Currency. Bitcoin and Ethereum are types of digital currency called crypto.

There are different types of currencies in different countries around the world. I think they are thinking of games called Free-to-play, Play-to-win, which are close to the word Play-to-earn that I will tell you now. Free-to-play refers to games that can be downloaded and played for free, while Pay-to-win refers to games that can be won by spending money to play the game. So the question for play-to-earn has become. Play-to-earn is free to download like free-to-play, No need to spend money.

The difference is that you have to get money back while playing the game. But it’s not like you’re getting money for free. Whether it’s a game you spend time playing or a game where you watch ads, you get In Game Currency based on these categories. Once the amount of in-game currency you get is reached, you will be able to exchange it with popular currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other types of currency. There are some play-to-earn games that can actually be released, but there are some that require a lot of time on your part.