Samsung has introduced new devices and new connections

Mr. Jong-Hee (JH) Han, Vice Chairman, CEO and Head of DX (Device eXperience) of Samsung Electronics, who served as the Keynote Speaker at the recently concluded CES 2022 event, introduced Samsung Electronics’ Together for Tomorrow. Together for Tomorrow’s objective is mainly to push forward to solve the challenges affecting the earth and the environment. At CES 2022, Samsung will present the sustainable projects planned to make this goal a reality. He introduced the technologies that will create collaborations and personal connections. “Our future goal at Samsung is not only to enable technology products to connect with each other, but also to have a positive impact on the planet and the natural environment where we live.

As a leader in the field of consumer electronics, Samsung also has a responsibility to protect the environment we live in and build a better future,” said Mr. Jong-Hee (JH) Han. Whenever Samsung creates products, it always takes into consideration the company’s mission to build a sustainable future. In order to further realize this goal, Samsung is also using new manufacturing processes that reduce carbon production and battery waste in the production of new products. For its efforts, Samsung has also received recognition from the Carbon Trust, one of the world’s largest carbon emissions control organizations. Last year, with the help of Carbon Trust-certified memory chips, we were able to reduce carbon emissions by nearly 700,000 tonnes and expand semiconductor manufacturing by recycling waste.

In addition, Samsung aims to recycle waste in all its mobile products and home appliances within the next 3 years. In the same way, Samsung does not use the cardboard used in the packaging of its home electronics. We are also aiming to implement the Eco-Packaging Program (which has received an international award) that can be turned into useful furniture such as side tables. At the same time, Samsung is working to reduce the amount of electronic waste (e waste), which is the biggest challenge for the electronics industry, by allowing its TVs and phone chargers to run on almost zero energy when not in use. In addition, Samsung has also licensed eco-conscious technology such as its solar cell remote to other companies in an effort to promote wider adoption of sustainable innovations.

At CES 2022, Samsung also introduced a new portable screen product called ‘Free Style‘, which can be easily installed anywhere and create a Smart TV-like display. In addition, Samsung is aiming to launch a new all-in-one gaming platform called Gaming Hub, which will be able to find and play many types of games in one place for those who like to play games. Similarly, the Odyssey Ark monitor, a new curved gaming display with multi-view capabilities, will be introduced soon. With the aim of providing more convenient and convenient high-end lifestyles for everyone, Samsung will produce TVs in 2022. It announced that monitors and family refrigerators will include Smart Things Hub as a built-in function.

“It’s time to innovate our products and technologies to meet the needs of a new generation of consumers. As a leader in the connectivity ecosystem, we at Samsung are changing the lifestyles of consumers around the world through customer-centric processes and innovations. We will continue to create innovations that can best support them based on their preferences,” continued Mr. Jong-Hee (JH) Han. In addition, Samsung’s 32 Odyssey Neo G8 monitor won the Best of Innovation Award in the Gaming Category at CES 2022, marking the 6th year in a row that Samsung’s monitors have won the CES Innovation Award. Other honors won by Samsung for 2022 are as follows.