MYMEDIA digital a digital marketing platform in Myanmar has changed to RFOX MEDIA

MYMEDIA Digital, which is one of Myanmar’s digital marketing platforms, has been changed to RFOX MEDIA. RFOX MEDIA will be a new Media Venture that will be the Branding and Marketing Division for the Blockchain-driven Ecosystem created by RedFox Labs, a well-known Venture Builder based in Southeast Asia. This rebrand came about after the acquisition of MYMEDIA by RedFox Labs in February 2021. The brand-new RFOX MEDIA Venture will enable MYMEDIA’s market-leading platform to be more efficient, as well as brand influencers to reach consumers through food, fashion Direct linkages with sectors such as sports and entertainment will be strengthened.

Rebranded as RFOX MEDIA, the MYMEDIA Facebook Page has over 13 million followers across all Social Media Channels and Websites. As part of rebranding and connecting more with the RFOX Ecosystem, RFOX MEDIA’s new website with 2 languages, Burmese and English, has been introduced. RFOX MEDIA will strive to become Myanmar’s Digital Marketing Leader, considering the Southeast Asian market as a fast-growing area, and will continue to make progress throughout the world. As RFOX MEDIA, we have been able to improve the Social Media information that has been developed in Myanmar. RFOX MEDIA, which aims to penetrate to the international level, is a new product in the RFOX Ecosystem for Myanmar.

We will also produce new services and intend to continue to lead the market. Earlier this month, RFOX MEDIA launched a jump-and-run casual game called RFOX Run in Myanmar and introduced a new Gaming Rewards Model, Play-to-Eat. Because it is a Play-to-Eat Game, the winners will be able to get free food vouchers from Foodpanda, one of Myanmar’s most popular food delivery services. RFOX MEDIA uses the RFOX Token system and Games, E-Commerce It will continue to bring new ways to digital finance and other industries in the future. RFOX TV soon “I am very happy to be a part of RedFox Labs as we establish RFOX MEDIA. We are also excited to introduce new products and services that will improve people’s daily lives. RFOX MEDIA Team is based on MYMEDIA’s team, which has many years of experience in content.

This is a good start for us to expand into the international market,” said Rene Heumueller, COO of RFOX MEDIA. “Rebranding MYMEDIA as RFOX MEDIA is our advantage, which is Scaling Technology. It is the first step towards building better connections and strengthening information sharing. These will now bring enormous value to the Digital Marketing Platform and will be ready to expand into the Southeast Asian market as well as other countries. The benefit of purchasing MYMEDIA earlier this year is that we were able to build similar platforms in other Southeast Asian countries. Global businesses that advertise using MYMEDIA will gain more awareness. The Southeast Asian market has 360 million internet users, the most important age group for advertisers, 104 25-34 year olds.