Virtual Reality More Than a Science Fiction Novel

When you think of virtual reality (VR), many people think of a game or a science fiction novel that teenagers will enjoy. They will see films based on Virtual Reality technology, such as the popular Japanese anime series Sword Art Online, released in 2012, and director Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, which will be released in 2018. However, in this age where inventions are too fast to keep up, is it possible that science fiction has stopped at nothing? Virtual reality refers to a technology based on computer technology that uses headsets to stimulate the physical sensations of users to feel as if they are in a man-made environment. Under the title of man-made environment, in addition to the real place and the present time, as well as the non-existent place, the past and the past time are included in the imaginary environment using 3D digital method and sound system.

Virtual reality has become more important than a game in recent years. Companies like Zerolight are using virtual reality technology to collaborate with world-famous businesses such as Audi, Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan, Porsche, Toyota, etc. to provide services for their products to penetrate the market. In Myanmar, the way to get this kind of knowledge has already started. For several decades, Myanmar, which is one of the most isolated countries in the world, is still lagging behind some countries in terms of technology. Within this decade, the rate of influence of Myanmar’s improved technology is amazing. number of phone users The number of people with social network and internet access new technologies; Foreign market investment has increased by a significant percentage in the past few years.

Phandeeyar Org. is already trying to use low-cost VR technology for educational purposes in Myanmar. Virtual reality technology will be very useful in the practical aspect that is still needed in our country’s education curriculum. Students are not allowed to leave the classroom. Without having to worry about security, practical field studies as well as classes from overseas textbook schools will be easy and simple to teach. At 360ed – EduTechVenture in Yangon, teachers from Myanmar can attend and teach in Japan and Finland using VR technology. In addition, it is said that they are trying to connect with schools from countries such as India, Pakistan, China and Bangladesh. As the saying goes, “There is no distance and time in virtual reality.” In addition, we will be able to do things that are impossible in the real world using virtual reality technology.

It’s like seeing ancient heritage stupas that were destroyed in the Bagan earthquake a year ago and an ancient city that is hundreds of years old. It’s so close and so detailed that you can touch it with your hands. Realistic image and sound projected and Virtual Reality technology will inevitably come to our east. However, virtual reality is more of a business marketing and advertising than a game. Nathan Windsor is a person who uses virtual reality technology to influence people’s lives emotionally. “It’s a chance to relive the good times in your memory that you can’t get back in a lifetime,” he said.

Paul Hainston (Acres Production) recorded a YouTube video called Leo and Laura, which is over four minutes long, and describes how virtual reality technology can affect a person. In the video, Leo and Laura, a world-traveling couple who are now in their 90s, talk about it. Because they are getting old and can’t go as before, they used virtual reality to show the places that Leo and Laura visited when they were old enough to remember the good times. When Leo was shown a place in Japan that they had visited before, wearing a headset, the two of them were surprised and happy as if they were seeing memories from the past that they could never get back. ‘I’m very lucky to be in a place where I can make people happy,’ says Nathan Windsor.

How will this VR be useful for humans when we will not be able to sit down anytime and anywhere because of this technology? Are you visiting various places without getting up from sitting on the front sofa because of VR? Or will this new technology inspire more people and encourage them to travel more, spend more time with loved ones, and make memories. In the next few years, virtual reality technology will influence humans for more than just entertainment.