How will drones which will become important in the future affect Myanmar

In today’s technology era, small aerial vehicles called drones have become quite popular. So what is the meaning of drone? They are called Unmanned Ariel Vehicle in English. Most people are familiar with drones. Drones are useful in many fields. Before we look at the utility of drones, we will briefly describe their construction and types of drones. In the construction of drones, the body, battery system; electric circuit computing system sensory system; Includes motion control system and software. There are mainly (6) types of drones. Most field vehicles delivery vehicle location and map vehicle; drone test vehicle; Combat vehicles and special combat vehicles.

Myanmar, drones definitely have a trendy place today. Drones from basic to advanced are already available in Myanmar. Drones can be used in Myanmar’s main field of agriculture. Although not yet widely used in terms of price, the importance of drones in the agricultural sector is astounding. Drones can make precise and quick measurements of cultivated land acres that are less accurate and time-consuming than manual measurements. In addition, crop pests, Bad soil, Drones can help farmers record irrigation conditions and weed disturbance. Not only that, Drones can also apply fertilizer to crops. Here are the agricultural uses of drones. In agriculture or not. Drones are also very important in construction.

The drone will record the unfinished parts of the buildings and the construction conditions. Drones can also spy on workers’ working conditions, making them a real bargain for project managers. The drone will also speed up and reduce the time delay that occurs when workers get information. In the construction of towers for radio communication, drones can obtain information in places where it is difficult for people to travel. This is how drones are useful in the construction industry. In defense of the country, drones will be more professional and accurate than humans. Accidentally losing soldiers while probing an enemy’s military tactics can leave behind a lot of grief, but drones make the inanimate feel the full benefit. In addition, you can attack with drones without the need for dead soldiers. Drones are also important in clearing areas.

What has been mentioned is the usefulness of today’s drones in agriculture, construction and military fields, which are also widely talked about in Myanmar. Drones can be used not only in the main fields but also for people’s entertainment. In Myanmar, drone lovers are gradually increasing in abundance. There are two places I would recommend for those looking to buy drones. What kind of drones will we see five years from now? Rumors are predicting that in the future, drones that can be piloted by humans will emerge. Controlled drones are also expected to develop into intelligent drones that no longer need remote control. Technology is constantly evolving. Like this, The usefulness of drones will also grow, so the new drones that will appear in the next five years will also belong to the era of Myanmar.