The CEO’s announcement about Honda’s EV strategy came out

Honda, Japan’s second largest car manufacturer, is already looking for partners to work together to develop their EVs to a higher standard. Honda, along with their biggest domestic rival Toyota, has been at the forefront of hybrid powertrain technology leadership, but is now lagging behind when it comes to EVs. So Toshihiro Mibe, who became Honda CEO last April, is looking for a partner to produce EV cars with more advanced technology. Toshihiro Mibe aims to produce an all-electric car by 2040.

Currently, although Honda produces electric cars, they are only available in Europe, and despite their good design and quality, they are not popular due to their short range. But at the moment, Honda has not disclosed who it will partner with. They also said that they are planning to expand their cooperation with General Motors, which they are currently partnering with, before identifying the next company they will partner with. Honda and GM’s partnership aims to develop and manufacture automobiles in North America, as well as electrified, It is also said to share electric or ICE powertrains.

In addition, Honda and other car manufacturers such as Mazda, Subaru Ford We also have a strong connection with Volkswagen, so it will be interesting to see if they will work with these companies on their electric vehicles. So electric cars are almost certain to take their place on the roads of the future. Right now, although Honda has not yet gained a strong market for electric cars, their EV strategy is interesting, and it’s really interesting to see which companies they will partner with.