What is an e-book and why do you need to use it

E-books replace traditional paper books. More. It is a part of our life. Why is this? First, it is convenient to do, and secondly, on a small device, you can collect a large library of diverse literature, a collection of his favorite poets who are technically proficient. What is an eBook? This time you don’t know everything about her. A tablet computer designed to display non-textual information – an electronic book is a portable device. These gadgets are different from running tablets and netbooks in terms of time and limited functionality. E-book, a fact that is already widely known in our time. However, these devices appeared in 1998 and were equipped with LCD screens, but they were not widely popular.

Technology, E-Inc breathes new life into book-readers. It significantly reduces the energy consumption of the product and improves the quality of the text display on the screen. Since then, sales of electronic reading devices have increased and manufacturers have not limited the ability to display text files. What is the e-book of the modern era? This unique technology, which allows to transmit the highest quality reality on paper. Flash the display like paper, this is the most convenient device to read the book. One battery charge is enough to read 10000 pages. If you want to read a book together, the wide reading corner allows you to do a good job without stress.

Bumagopodobnye e-book allows you not to forget to charge the battery, so you can safely take the device on the road. E-Book library today – very large. The display e-book 6-6,4 inches only to choose was convenient to read them. good၏. Because of the internal memory, then, as they say here, the more – the better, but in this case it is not worth chasing gigabytes. If you only want to buy e-books for reading books, for example, 100-500 books will occupy up to 512 MB of memory. In addition, the e-book has two slots for SD and microSD memory cards. Some models allow you to increase the memory up to 16GB and more. Today’s e-book format and support mp3, in addition, so you can listen to music or audio books without any problems. Also, the device can be used to view photos in JPG format.

For the first time, the company published an e-book Softbook Press and NuvoMedia. To date, no longer, in the market for these devices, they have released a dozen different models that have been replaced by E-Inc, Sony, Kindle models, and in the medium price range you will find PocketBook, Wexler and TeXet. What is the e-book of our time? This device that gradually approaches in terms of tablet functionality. Second-hand operating systems, for example, Linux. So the reading of the book – this is just one of their many functions that e-books can perform. The price of such products, of course much higher than conventional materials to describe the text.