What to know about AI and what to avoid

Lackmail is information from one person to another; It is a coercive appointment using confidential information. Not only himself, but organizations, Misrepresenting information to families can be dangerous. When the date is dry, the physical, It can include blackmail using psychological, emotional, and criminal charges. It is usually done for position, money, or property interests. Such blackmail was previously only known to happen in other countries, but now it is happening in Myanmar as well. When there are more SIM cards and the internet is easy to use, some girls on Facebook have little knowledge of how to use the internet.

We also see threats and coercion. For a person who has been harassed, it is the best thing to fear and not knowing what to do next, it can be psychologically, physically, and ultimately suicidal. The number of victims of blackmail on social media is increasing. Despite this, research efforts on blackmail are relatively few. Ways to Prevent Blackmail Handling Blackmail Assess the environment if blackmail is being sent. In this situation, be honest and reexamine yourself. However, ask yourself if the blackmailer is blackmailing you with false information. Blackmailer is your friend; classmate It can be in the family as well as an old friend.

If it happened Approaching law enforcement can be difficult. If you are worried about dealing with this situation face to face, you can ask for advice from your most trusted and reliable friend. If your information hasn’t been significantly compromised, disclose yourself before he gets the chance. Keep clear pictures or records between you and the blackmailer. Save voice mails and record phone calls. If you know you are being subpoenaed to disclose your information, file a complaint with a law office. Lawyers will defend you. revenge, Don’t act like a fool. The offender will be severely punished. Protecting Physical Against Blackmail Your sensitive information in the deposit box at the Bank can be stored in Shred some unimportant documents and keep the important ones.

A paper shredder can shred sensitive documents, Receipts that are no longer needed There are two records, The most secure shredder for overdue credit cards. Protecting Digital and Online Information Against Blackmail You should never send your password in a chat or e-mail. When you visit some websites, your browser will ask you to choose to save your password. If you are using someone else’s computer, your bank info, e-mail, Personal data will be seen by others. You can password protect your important files. Using unprovided Wi-Fi other than your home Wi-Fi may allow someone else to access your data.