Will you see the Apple brand on the highway

As we all know, in the world of smartphones, the Apple brand is even called the king. Now, the Apple brand is already planning to take a place on the highway as a field expansion Yes. The Apple brand will produce a self-driving electric car. Experts have predicted how successful Apple’s expansion will be, and by 2030, Apple’s self-driving electric cars could sell up to 1.5 million globally. This is due to the trust in the Apple brand, and such predictions have emerged. Currently, there is no confirmation from the company, but according to reliable sources, it is believed that Apple will hit the streets in 2025. But the challenges for Apple will also be full of violence. According to Bloomberg’s report, Apple’s innovation does not include self-driving cars and a steering wheel.

Although this has not been confirmed for sure, it is likely to happen. Rather than pushing their product into the individual car market, Apple is even building a self-driving car fleet empire. For example: Uber It’s like creating a network like Lyft. According to the current circulating design, it is likely to be the EV startup Canoo model, and it is known that they are looking for a better design than that. The car’s infotainment will include an “iPad-like” display. The biggest challenge for Apple is whether it will be able to compete with rivals like Tesla and Waymo, which are already launching self-driving systems that already have a place in the car world.

Also, Apple’s manufacturing facilities are not yet ready to produce a full range of EVs. What kind of design is Apple’s EV car, which is intended to be introduced in 2025? It’s also exciting to see what kind of technology is involved. However, since 2025 is the minimum requirement, it may take longer than 2025. Although it is not yet certain whether Apple’s expansion into new territory will be successful or not, it is certain that we will see Apple-branded cars on the road in the next few years.