How To Make A Blogspot How To Make A Blogger Website

This time we will teach you how to make your own blogger website. Before starting the lesson, why should we choose blogger? I will tell you a little about why you should choose blogger when you make a website. Why I chose blogger is because I like the services provided by google. Blogger is one of the services provided by Google. Although not everyone knows Blogger, Everyone knows google. The main reason why you should choose blogger is google. Since Blogger is a google product, it is favored by google. Because of how he was given a fac. Why don’t you worry about website speed because you are allowed to run the website on Google’s hosting? Easily improve SEO.

Connect with Google Plus social network and make your website more popular. When you upload a picture, you go to Google Picasa, so you can look back at a group of pictures. In addition to receiving such favors, Blogger has a good interface and is easy to use. (Interface is the way something is displayed and the design is mixed. If the interface is good, the design must be good, and the display called layout must be good. Only then will the users be able to use it well.) Connect with adsense and add content to your blog and make money. You should use blogger because of these factors. These points will be explained in detail in the next post. Since the main content of this post is how to make a blogger website, I will continue to explain how to make a blog. To create a Blogger blog, you must have a gmail account.

This is not a very difficult matter. Almost all internet users in Myanmar have at least one gmail account. The first thing you need to do is sign in to that gmail account. If you are already signed in. After that, continue to look at the pictures below. There are serial numbers that need to be explained. The explanation of those numbers is as follows. You have to enter the name of the website you want. Enter the desired website address. In this example, all we need to type is myanmarseo. The rest of the later letters are already included. Do not use capital letters when entering the website address. No space difference. Number 3 is the address that we typed can be taken/not checked. If checked, the address we entered can be taken. If you show a mistake, you can’t take it. You must enter another address. The template is the part where you choose the design of the blog. There is no style you want, just choose one. You can change it back later. If you have completed all four steps above, click Create Blog Now, you have built your own blog according to the address you typed in step (2) above. After that, the control part of your blog should be seen as below. Then go to “Posts” in the red frame and click on New Post. You can post on your blog.