As modern times electric cars will be able to be charged as soon as possible

South Korean scientists have proven a new technology that can fully charge electric cars in just 9 seconds. The new device, which uses the principles of quantum physics, will not charge the cells of the battery individually, but will charge all the cells at once, so the charging time of an electric car will be as long as filling up the car with gas. Even if you charge your electric car at home, you don’t have to wait for 10 hours like before, and you can fully charge it in just 3 minutes. 10 years ago, electric cars were barely seen on the road, but now, with millions of electric cars sold every year, it’s one of the fastest growing industries.

But currently, it takes between 20 and 40 minutes to charge an electric car, even with the fastest charger. Scientists from South Korea’s Institute for Basic Science (IBS) have found a solution to that problem. The quantum battery concept was first described in a 2012 paper by Alecki and Fannes. They have shown that sources such as quantum entanglement can be used to charge batteries in a short period of time. Researchers have designed a high-speed charging facility using quanton-based devices. Typically, a 200-cell electric car battery will charge 200 times faster than before.

The system of charging the cells in a group at the same time is not likely to be used in existing batteries. “Quantum technologies are still in their infancy. “There will be a lot of effort to put these methods into practice,” said Dr. Dario Rosa, co-author of the research paper. However, quantum technology is not only used to charge electric car batteries, but he said that it could become a key element in future fusion power plants. Quantum batteries will revolutionize the way humans use energy, bringing us one step closer to a sustainable future, says Dr. Dario Rosa.