The reason behind Samsung’s success that you still don’t know

Country-manufacturer Samsung – Korea, the company was founded, as it was here in 1938 in the city of Daegu. Its founder Bong Chul Lee (pronounced Chull Lee) was a Korean businessman whose financial status (2 thousand dollars at that time) was only 30 thousand won.

In honor of Bonga, the founder of the company at that time, Samsung received the name (in Korean “three stars”). But about the origin of Samsung and its name. There is also other information. Which one is correct – is unknown.So Samsung is considered a world leader in the production of various equipment and electronics, but at the time of the foundation of our company’s employees engaged in something quite different – namely, the production of rice flour. Only in 1969, the company made a breakthrough in the technical field. At the beginning of the company, together with Sanyo (Japan Electronics), we started to produce semiconductors. Later, the factory was opened, which was involved in the installation of white and black-and TVs. Since 1973, the production has gradually undergone a major change in the production of household appliances. A joint venture between two opposing companies turned into a whole corporation under the name of Samsung Electronics.

In the same year, Samsung Electronics moved from Suwon Daegu (a city in South Korea), where the factory of household appliances was erected at the beginning of December. A year later, the corporation became Semiconductor Co. , entered (Korean company). This was the beginning of mass production of refrigerators and washing machines.

Since 1979, the company has been producing VCRs. And since 1983 – PC. In the same year, the country-manufacturer Samsung – not only South Korea, but the United States. The fact that the production moved here in order to open a plant for the production of microwave ovens.Digital TV and DVD-player production was opened in 1998. And in 1999, the company’s first mobile phone was created.

Today it is difficult to say which country is the Samsung manufacturer because the plants are located all over the world. These corporations employ more than half a million people in 60 countries. It is planned to expand further in the future. Almost everything from refrigerators and washing machines to stereos and televisions was produced under this brand. Even waffle-like, such specific household appliances manufactured at the Samsung Group plant are sandwich or mass irons. Today, in almost any area of ​​your life, you may encounter the Samsung brand that is developing all the time, introducing new innovations to conquer the electronics industry.