Oppo is likely to launch a new gaming smartphone

Oppo has launched the new Reno 6 series smartphones in China. Although the Reno 6 series has been introduced, there are reports that Oppo is still planning to introduce a new Reno 5 series smartphone. According to reports, the new generation smartphone Reno 5 series is going to be launched in India within the next week. According to the EUIPO certification list, the new smartphone that Oppo will introduce is likely to be a game-oriented smartphone rather than an ordinary smartphone.

The image of the camera installation is likely to be the same as the previous Reno 5 series. The news says that the design will be unique. As the Reno 5 is said to be a gaming-oriented smartphone, it is not yet certain whether the body will include game buttons like other gaming-oriented smartphones. The battery is likely to have a larger capacity than the previous Reno 5 series.

Oppo’s competitors such as Xiaomi and Realme have also introduced affordable game-oriented smartphones, and because of their success, Oppo is likely to try not to be left behind in the game-oriented smartphone market. Oppo’s unique Gaming Edition Reno 5 game-oriented smartphone is not yet known exactly, so Oppo lovers will likely have to wait for a while.