The third robot competition will be held in Myanmar

The third Street Show of the World Robot Games (Myanmar) was held in Yangon West University of Technology in December. The World Robot Game Myanmar 2022 competition will be held for three days from the 24th to the 26th of this month in cooperation with the Myanmar Computer Professionals Association and the Clash of Robot Team (COR). The competition was organized by students’ technological innovations, Collaborative activities with the school organization; academic (STEM) science and technology; It aims to pass on engineering and mathematics studies and cooperative exchanges.

Competition in science and technology; new technology observers; ICT training institutes; Educational institutions and public education primary schools; Middle school and high school students will be able to compete. The team that wins the competition will receive support to compete in international competitions. The competition consists of Senior Level Game and Junior Level Game, Rugby Robot (Senior Level University), On Water Robot (Senior Level University), Line Tracin (Junior Level -Primary School and High School) and will compete in three types of games.

The competition will be held at the MICT Park Conference Hall Main Building. will be done. World Robot Game is a game where robots built using micro controller boards compete, but not just one type of game, more than 10 games based on Sumo, Rugby, Line Tracing, etc. are limited to Senior, Junior and Master.